Cloud PBX on Skype for Business Online

Most companies manage their telephone communications using a PBX (private branch exchange) system, which is usually hardware that acts as a private telephone switchboard. Now, with Skype for Business Cloud PBX, you can eliminate separate PBX systems for users and move the functions of the PBX into the cloud, assign and manage phone numbers using Skype controls within your Office 365 admin console, and easily enable dial-in telephone numbers for your Skype meetings.

Furthermore with a new FastTrack Cloud PBX offer the integration itself will be financed by Microsoft (for deployments of more than 50 CloudPBX users)



The benefits of using this techology:

  • Fast and non-distruptive deployment
  • Simple on-premise integration
  • Various scenarios: from hybrid integration with full-scaled Skype for Business Server to small-footprint Skype for Business connector
  • User experience from modern Skype For Business Client to IP Phones and analogue devices


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