MPT implements hybrid IAM

With over 20 million users, MPT is the first and leading telecommunications company in Myanmar, providing both fixed and mobile telecommunication services to people and enterprises of Myanmar.

Robust organization develpment required IT team to focus on new applications implementations. Those projects were combined with Microsoft cloud services implementation. MPT recognized the need to provide reliable and secure access to their business productivity and line of business IT systems and understand that the key success factor to do that is managing user identities effectively.

In tight collaboration with local IT services provider Access Spectrum Conterra consultants planned and implemented Identity and Access Management systme based on Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 and Azure AD Premium cloud service integrated with SAP HCM human resource management system. 

Key project achievments:

Improved data security: Consolidating authentication and authorization functionality on a single platform provides IT professionals with a consistent method for managing user access. 

Reduced security costs: Using a single IAM platform to manage all user access allows administrators to perform their work more efficiently. 

More effective access to resources: Users benefit from the use of single sign-on (SSO) technology that limits the number of interactions they have with security systems and increases the likelihood that their legitimate attempts to access resources will succeed.


Products deployed: Microsoft Identity Manager, Azure AD Premium

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